Art Department - Without You

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  • Things couldn't really have gone any better for the debut release of Art Department. The men behind the project are, however, no rookies to the scene. Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White—two old hands from Toronto—have called on years of experience and nous to invest this new guise with aplomb. Not only have they bagged jackpot endorsement via the "feat.' of much-adored celebrity dandy, Seth Troxler, or set the web abuzz with titillation after a couple of well-placed promo send-outs, they also happen to have penned a potentially-so-popular-you'll-end-up-hating-it tune of the year. Aspiring producers take note: This is how you break a record. Troxler does his best MC impression on the A-side, reminding us of the names of the artists involved as well as highlighting the fact that this is some serious "vampire nightclub shit." He's not far off there: The twisted bass underneath Kenny Glasgow's haunting chant about bodies hitting the ground and heads spinning round could well suit the soundtrack to Nosferatu 2: Orlok's Gone Pete Tong. But really this release is all about the B-side, "Without You." Exploring the same kind of netherworld that claimed Konrad Black some time last decade, the Canadian duo submerges the track in a deep cauldron of throbbing and dynamic bass that is peculiarly reminiscent of Royksopp remixing Felix Da Housecat, while the vocals continue down the same twisted path which leads to that Vampire Nightclub. Groovy and imposing in equal measure, this is tech house at its lofty best, and if they've started as they mean to go on, you'll be hearing a lot more from Art Department.
  • Tracklist
      01. Vampire Nightclub feat. Seth Troxler 02. Without You