Marco Shuttle - The Vox Attitude Remixes Vol. 2

  • Atom TM and Pessimist remix a modern classic.
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  • "The Vox Attitude" was Marco Shuttle's 2011 breakout hit. Looking back, it doesn't sound much like the Marco Shuttle the techno scene came to love. It's long and winding, but it doesn't have the Donato Dozzy-influenced psychedelia of later work. Instead, there's a housey stomp and a wailing diva vocal. Eight years later, The Vox Attitude gets its second remix package, which also doubles as a vinyl reissue of the two original tracks. Atom TM and Shuttle update "The Vox Attitude" for 2019, surgically removing the house elements. Atom TM's version adds trademark crunch and glitch, but only the clever vocoder treatment of the vocal hook is memorable. Shuttle's "To The Bone" remix streamlines the original into a tunnelling banger, transforming the vocal into a bleepy chirp. It's no match for the original. Pessimist's remix of "Spaziale" also falls flat. Where the UK producer's best work made silence and sub-bass sound fearsome, this rumbles like an idle truck. It turns out that not every classic needs to be remixed.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Vox Attitude B1 The Vox Attitude (Atom TM Remix) B2 The Vox Attitude (Marco Shuttle To The Bone Remix) C1 Spaziale D1 Spaziale (Pessimist Remix)