Marco Shuttle - The Moon Chant

  • Inspired techno.
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  • It's often said that deep styles of dance music reward patience. I've found that Marco Shuttle's has occasionally tested mine. In the service of deep, hypnotic states, the Italian artist's techno is sometimes light on expressive gestures. This was particularly the case, for example, on EPs like There's No Point….That's The Point and his Visione album, where smoky not-quite-leads drifted in vast, echo-laden space. But when Shuttle adds a focal point—the vocal, say, on "Sing Like A Bird—a formula that may seem too slight suddenly takes on a sinister magic. On his latest EP, for The Bunker New York, that side of his sound is on full display. "Curve Pericolose" is among the most melodic techno tunes he's ever made, but it hasn't lost the psychedelic details that can make his work so entrancing. Snares don't so much strike as unstick themselves from the drum. The wormhole arpeggiation only adds to the music's abundance. The other two tracks are slightly more in Shuttle's usual zone, but he turns the dial up on these, too. As smooth acid trills descend through "Cyberia," over time you'll notice foily trails streaming in the opposite direction, and maybe the whistling pad harmony after that. "The Moon Chant"'s eerie vocal might remind you of "Sing Like A Bird," but the humid groove underneath sounds like nothing Shuttle's done before. He sounds especially inspired.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Moon Chant feat. Gabriella Vergilov B1 Cyberia B2 Curve Pericolose