Red Rack'em - Wonky Techno Banger

  • The follow-up EP to a 2016 hit.
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  • In March 2016, Danny Berman, AKA Red Rack'em, released the Wonky Bassline Disco Banger EP, whose charming title cut ended up becoming the biggest hit of his career. It's clocked up nearly half a million plays on Spotify. (For comparison, Berman's second most popular track has 50,000.) Three years later, he's followed it up, in name at least, with another three-track EP, Wonky Techno Banger. This time, though, the title cut isn't the best thing about the record. The appeal of its shrill synth lead, which frazzles frantically over bassy stabs and a sturdy frame, quickly wears thin. "Devon Analogue 4.2," named after the hardware-stocked studio where the EP was produced, is stronger. A tangle of loud claps, throbbing low-end and what sounds like plucked guitar unravels into a warm and quirky beatless jam, perfect, say, for setting the mood in a festival set. "Nave Gazing" is more ambient, all glacial pads, delicate chimes and galloping synth tones. Like the other two tracks, it's not a hit, but it's still a blissful ride.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Wonky Techno Banger B1 Devon Analogue 4.2 B2 Nave Gazing