Secluded new studio Devon Analogue opens by Exmoor

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  • The setup includes top-spec outboard hardware, analogue synths and drum machines.
  • Secluded new studio Devon Analogue opens by Exmoor image
  • A new studio has opened near Exmoor called Devon Analogue. After starting work on the rural site in the southwest of England last year, the studio finally opened for business back in February. Conceived and designed by Tristan and Elley Grace, the studio complex has a kitchen and sleeping space for four people, meaning clients working on projects can live in the studio. Clients have access to an enviable setup of hardware synthesisers and drum machines, including top-of-the-line analogue polysynths like the Waldorf Wave and Alesis Andromeda, and a whole fleet of Roland gear, including the TR-909, a modded TB-303 and a Juno-60. A modular ARP 2600 TTSH is also on-site in addition to classic Akai samplers, namely the s1000 and s950. The outboard spec list is similarly packed with high-end items. Compression and limiting is handled by a pair of Urei 1176 Rev D Blackfaces, a POM Boiler Mk2 Ultra-Limiter and a Chiswick Reach All Valve Compressor, among other units, while an Eventide Harmoniser H3000, Roland Space Echo and a Lexicon PCM 70 feature in the suite of effects. An EQ designed by Mark Ernestus and Michael Zähl (an engineer renowned for his custom consoles) is also available. You can check out the full spec sheet and enquire about bookings here.