Ambien Baby - En Transito

  • Stellar downtempo from D. Tiffany and NAP.
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  • En Transito, the latest Ambien Baby record, draws from the period preceding the duo's debut last year. It chronicles the project's evolution from D. Tiffany's downtempo bedroom act to a tripped-out dance duo with Daniel Rincon, AKA NAP. En Transito, featuring music that dates as far back as 2015, gives us a glimpse into the project's origins while showing its considerable quality. En Transito begins with D. Tiffany lazily strumming her guitar over a beat that evokes desert rock. It's unclear exactly at which point in the EP Rincon joined, but the Ambien Baby sound takes shape with "Light & High," which borrows from the early Mood Hut aesthetic with chords and a bubbly underwater ambience. En Transito's second half is more in line with Transfusión: "Sequential"'s chunky breakbeat is caressed by whispering voices, while "Seven Minutes In Heaven" summons early '90s influences like Biosphere, and a drifting melody that recalls Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2. It's another excellent record from Canada's thriving dance music scene.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Amor Propio A2 Light & High A3 Mari Posa B1 Seven Minutes In Heaven B2 Sequential B3 Cosa