Ambien Baby - Transfusión

  • Lush broken beats, Vancouver style.
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  • D. Tiffany has emerged as one of Vancouver's top producers, and one who works particularly well with others. Past and present collaborations with Bobby Draino and Roza Terenzi have brought out the best in her, and Ambien Baby, a project with fellow Vancouverite NAP that's been around for a few years, isn't far behind. The duo have played occasional live sets in the city, as well as releasing a track on a Normals Welcome 12-inch in 2017, but Transfusión is their debut proper (and the first vinyl release on NAP's underrated Isla label). It's a wide-ranging EP of vintage breakbeats that shows the duo exploring their most spaced-out impulses. Each track feels improvised, like a stream-of-consciousness jam. The style is rooted in ethereal '90s techno and IDM, but the sound crosses oceans and decades. "Nada," an unhinged live jam recorded in D. Tiffany's studio, Sweet Pup, has the dark psychedelia of late '80s Chicago acid house, while "Sedated" fastens itself to a more UK-inspired template, introducing rude bass bombs that threaten to capsize the groove. The other tracks have deft percussion, from the drunken sway of "Circlón" to the sensuous swing of "Succession," which is finished off with more of the moody pads you hear on D. Tiffany's best records. There's a wealth of detail to chew on in Transfusión, manifested in odd, sinister vocal samples and the occasional bleepy melody. You get the sense that anything could happen in these tracks, which bend and contort like reflections in a funhouse mirror. It does all of that without losing the stoned vibe of the Vancouver scene that D. Tiffany and NAP call home, making Transfusión an intriguing release.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Succession A2 Sedated B1 Nada (Live At Sweep Up) B2 Circlón