Denis Sulta - Silver Service 002

  • Disco-house for big rooms.
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  • A BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Mixmag cover and more than 100 gigs worldwide—2018 must feel like a blur to Hector Barbour, AKA Denis Sulta. On a production tip, this hectic schedule might explain the Glaswegian's recent shift in sound, switching from distinctive bangers with big hooks to run-of-the-mill, if effective, disco edits. He capped off 2018 with two more flamboyant bombs, released via his Sulta Selects sub-label, Silver Service. The A-side, "L & S (You Mean Everything Mix)," may be familiar to Sulta fans—a shorter version has been floating around YouTube for more than a year. Built around a sample from Fat Larry Band's "Hey Pancho It's Disco," the ten-minute monster plays out as you'd expect: catchy licks, heavy use of the filter, swirling breakdowns with lively instrumentation. If you like big-room disco edits, you'll probably like this. The same goes for "Awake Oh Rhion," an edit of Elbernita 'Twinkie' Clark, though it has more personality, if only because of the intermittent interjections from Sulta himself, who pops up with a well-timed "fuck off" before the first drop and, bang on five minutes, a more harrowing message: "Please stop it, I can't handle this anymore, please!" A genuine cry for help? Or just an attempt to colour an otherwise unimaginative record? One thing's for sure: both tracks will blow the roofs off nightclubs.
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      A L & S (You Mean Everything Mix) B Awake Oh Rhion