Denis Sulta ‎- Sulta Selects Vol. 3

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  • Edits have been around since the days of disco, and they're not leaving anytime soon. Denis Sulta, a young producer from Glasgow with a string of hit records, wades into this much-debated corner of dance music with three high-impact edits of his own, released as the third instalment of his Sulta Selects series. All the attention will be on "D_K_Y (But I Do)," the anthemic A-side that DJs like Jackmaster, Skream and Jasper James have been playing for more than a year. As many videos posted in track ID Facebook groups show, it's a dance floor killer that whips clubs into a state of euphoria. But as far as edits go, it's fairly rudimentary, adding a thumping house beat to sped-up vocals and horns—listen for the Ableton Warp—from Thelma Houston's 1976 tune "Don't Know Why I Love You." There are a few detours, including a brief moment of silence and a lot of EQing, so you could mistake it for an excerpt from a Motor City Drum Ensemble set. Sulta does DJs a favour by adding beatmatch-friendly intros and outros. The other two tracks aim for similarly euphoric highs. Sulta takes a different approach on both tunes, adding the EP's biggest kick drum to "L_M_Y_S_A (Love Is Subjected Remix)" while working more subtly with "L_Y_A_R_S (Forever Mix)." The latter doesn't have the A-side's universal appeal but it's the package's classiest tune, keeping the mood breezy with a low-key bass guitar and smooth filtering. Whatever your take on these simple edits, there's no denying their power.
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      A1 D_K_Y (But I Do) B1 L_M_Y_S_A (Love Is Subjected Remix) B2 L_Y_A_R_S (Forever Mix)