Amnesia Scanner - AS Chaos / AS A.W.O.L.

  • The experimental duo preview their forthcoming album with two explosive tracks.
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  • Amnesia Scanner took a while to get to this point. After moving on from Renaissance Man, their electro house project, the Finnish duo developed their violent techno and industrial assaults anonymously, existing only on the internet. But the music spoke for itself, a faceless force delivered in hyper-masculine offensives of noise, strobes and NSFW imagery. Ahead of September's Another Life debut album, these preview tracks feel marginally more human. "AS A.W.O.L"'s deeply pitched and distorted vocals carry a grave sensuality, similar to Planningtorock's brilliant 2011 album, W. They trail a tantalizingly tough rhythmic melody that moves at a lumbering pace, the gnarled bassline carnal in its delivery. PAN labelmate Pan Daijing offers a typically taut delivery of her bilingual vocals to the more ungainly tempo of "AS Chaos," which at one point explodes into a trance breakdown. There's a growing appreciation for epic pop in Amnesia Scanner's sound, specifically in disassembling and reconfiguring the darker elements of rave and hip-hop into their own brand of dystopian dance music.
  • Tracklist
      01. AS Chaos 02. AS A.W.O.L