Tracey - Outcome

  • Delicate electro from another newcomer on Midland's label.
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  • Midland has said that his Intergraded label is a way of giving younger and lesser-known artists shine. But its releases so far suggest a nascent aesthetic agenda, too. Going on the compilation Introduction EP and Hi & Saberhägen's Light On Leaves, the label's sound is melodic, playful and subtly form-breaking. Tracey's music, a wistful take on house and electro that delicately twists Detroit conventions, is all of the above. Glissando is key to the Amsterdammer's sound, allowing his spry melodies to glide between nostalgia and glossy optimism. These swooping lead lines were the icing on the delectable cake of last year's "Skyfall," and they pop up a few times on Outcome. On "Transit" they ride over coasting electro. On "Disk," the EP's standout, they accompany a dreamy halftime beat. Dance floor daydreaming is kind of Tracey's thing—you can imagine his music soundtracking a moment of introspection at some idyllic festival—and on the B-side the producer explores two ways of travelling without moving. "Outcome"'s breakbeat is energetic but static, while shimmering arps try to lift it gently upwards. On "1999," the electro beat is more timekeeper than propulsion. Your feet might be moving to it, but your attention is on the starry pads twinkling above.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Transit A2 Disk B1 Outcome B2 1999