Various - Introduction EP

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  • Harry Agius, AKA Midland, gives back to the scene with his new Intergraded label. It's a platform for emerging artists, and its first release contains debuts from the Londoners Jay and Peach, plus new tracks by Body In The Thames and Webstarr. Body In The Thames sets the stage with "Silver Threaded Crystal Beads," a fun, percussion-heavy opener with a rhythm that reminds me of Errorsmith's "Superlative Fatigue." Peach has made waves for the last year and a half as a DJ and a host at Radar Radio and NTS. Her production debut, "Silky," is a great example of the energetic house tracks she's known to spin. While the vocal sample pays homage to the style's more classic side, its fast-paced intensity is anything but nostalgic. "Balsam Drum" by the SIREN collective member Jay is blissful with varied drum patterns and a mix of organic and synthetic sounds. Its muffled kick drum rumbles before erupting into a satisfying 4/4 pattern, keeping pace with conga-like drums and a baseline that recalls the sound of bees humming. Jay strings these elements together effortlessly, as if they were dispatches from the same extraterrestrial club night. Webstarr's "The Muse" captures the darker moods of the dance floor, closing out a well-rounded EP that would be a solid weapon for any house and techno DJ's record bag.
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      A1 Body In The Thames - Silver Threaded Crystal Beads A2 Peach - Silky B1 Jay - Balsam Drum B2 Webstarr - The Muse