KiNK - Leko Remixes

  • One of KiNK's biggest tracks gets a new round of remixes.
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  • The piano in KiNK's 2011 track "Leko" is one of modern house music's most distinctive melodies, so the Bulgarian producer is wise not to mess with it on his new remix. Instead, as its "Bass Shake" title suggests, he beefs up the low-end, adding a moody touch to a previously ecstatic tune. But those hyperactive keys, which could be sampled from a free jazz record, still shine while the bassline hammers below. Unlike the smooth original, which is also included on this EP, the new version is messy, a churning combination of sludge-like bass and drowsy percussion held together by those famous keys. There aren't many producers with a better ear for melody than KiNK, whose artful touch shines also through on this rework. Session Victim, a German duo with a taste for jazzy house, give "Leko" a detailed remix on the B-side. It has the mood of a US deep house classic, with hand drums, pads, chords and what could be a flute. It runs for a short five minutes but could have been twice as long. Rachel Row, a vocalist who often performs live with KiNK, sings on "Away," a broken-beat love song the pair play live. A soulful slice of booming future jazz, it may as well have been on an album from The Matthew Herbert Big Band. It's too soppy for me, but any romantics in the house will find a lot to like.
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      A1 KiNK - Leko (KiNK's Bass Shake Version) A2 Rachel Row - Away feat. KiNK B1 KiNK - Leko (Session Victim Remix) B2 KiNK - Leko