• Burek being a favorite snack in Croatia, sparked an idea roughly a decade ago when Mislav & Pyzek set similar reputation goals but, this time by releasing music they're so passionate about. Basic idea was to press fat beats and hot electronic club tracks on wax, wrapped in plain white paper and served to music-hungry people all around the world. At first Burek started off as vinyl only label but over time digital files became available as well so, nobody's left out hungry. Over time two Sub-labels took off. First "Barba", focused on a wider range of techno music and "Pomalo!", providing slo-mo aural pleasures for adults. Today, Burek stands for quality house, techno, disco, soul and all the in-between genres of electronic music, produced by artists from all over the world and released on wonderfully sounding and looking vinyl. Together with the label work, the duo running the show - Mislav and Pytzek, spend the rest of their time DJing around the world and throwing parties at home and abroad, often in the form of label showcase events featuring artists from their expansive label roster. When you look at the big picture, the've indeed managed to keep the reputation of Burek as a truly delicious addictive affair.         




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