Somewhen - AFL

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  • Somewhen, who's dabbled in an EBM aesthetic on past releases, fully embraces it on AFL, his first record for Ostgut Ton. Where other artists use the style as jump-off point for a more adventurous sound, the Berghain resident delivers a functional EP that blends EBM's grit with a rigid techno template. Engineered for heaving dance floors, three of its four tunes are abrasive and slamming, combining simple structures with obvious moods. "AFL" is pulverising and energetic, but the arrangement, hinged around a three-note synth blast, never gets off the ground, making the high-impact kick drum feel plodding. It's a clear counterpoint to "Kilo," a more minimalist track with a bubbling bassline that, thanks to its restraint, is the EP's best moment. "Undress," the EP's only real melodic selection, dips to 110 BPM. Even then, the sounds feel too familiar. Where the best tunes in this style twist melody and buoyant grooves out of jagged synth notes and steely percussion, the feeling across AFL is oppressive, leaving the listener with no option other than to submit to its chaotic churn. That's fine for a Sunday afternoon at Berghain, but AFL may not have a long life outside its walls.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ryte A2 Undress B1 AFL B2 Kilo