Tzusing - In A Moment A Thousand Hits

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  • Tzusing is one of 2017's techno success stories. Earlier this year the Malaysian-Chinese producer released an electrifying album that underlined the agility, force and unpredictability that makes his music stand out. Inspired by a wuxia martial arts novel and full of muttered vocals, exotic instrumentation and militaristic drum patterns, 東方不敗 had the feel of an action movie. Since then he's toured the world more extensively than before, mixing EBM, industrial, hip-hop, pop and experimental club with techno. Tzusing finishes the year with a five-track EP that refines the best parts of his album into a precision attack. Rather than tying his tracks to a linear beat, Tzusing deploys drums at key moments, avoiding the usual build-up and release model in favour of something more explosive. He recently compared his approach with a motorcyclist zipping between slow cars on a crowded road. The kick drums on tracks like "Flow State" and "風雲再起" are animated, lunging forward as if chasing after something. Extra samples, like gun shots between the drums on "Shame," make the EP feel more breathless and jumpy. Tzusing's onslaught isn't just about percussion, as sounds are stretched until they sound threatening. Taiwanese throat singing—a new touch—adds a sinister dimension to his blackened beats. And when he throws in breaks on "地心引力抓不住你" and plays with horror movie tropes on "得意先生," even familiar sounds feel exciting. Tzusing has become one of techno's most exciting artists by throwing genre doctrine to the wayside. That giddy irreverence makes In A Moment A Thousand Hits one of the most exhilarating techno records of the year.
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      A1 Flow State feat. Illsee A2 Shame B1 風雲再起 B2 地心引力抓不住你 B3 得意先生