Various - Klink

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  • Stoscha launched in January with Dille, a compilation featuring the work of female artists like the weirdo machinist Wilted Women and poet/sound-collagist Swan Meat. Then Stoscha released Requiem, an audiovisual work from the video artist Madeleine Andersson and the producer rip ME, who's a member of the Swedish crew Drömfakulteten. A bit like Paula Temple's collaborative Decon/Recon series on Noise Manifesto, 17 different artists contributed to the 15-minute Requiem composition. Stoscha's latest release returns to a more conventional format, but the music remains anything but. Petit Singe's "Bengala Raciti" is a strong opener, swirling with the Haunter Records artist's trademark juxtaposition of sounds. There's the hard, dense breaks and digital glitches that give her music bite, muddled with vaporous melodic elements—vocals and organic instrumentation—and the rhythms of her native India. Axel Willner, AKA The Field, delivers Klink's most introspective moment, an ambling piece of ambient music that's chilly but serene. The most club-ready efforts come from Guenter Råler and Host Stewart. The latter's "Noordwal (Lil Lyfe)" is playful, flipping sombre techno on its head with a Jane Fonda aerobics sample and a lick of spacey weirdness. It's oddball but it's still functional. Air Max '97's "Gousse" and rkss & TOLE's buzzing closer push experimentalism to the extreme. The latter is made from sampled vibrators and feels like an endurance test, but it's more listenable towards the end. From the serious to the slightly absurd, this is what Stoscha is all about: new and daring forms of musical expression.
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      01. Petit Singe - Bengala Raciti 02. Axel Willner - Första Verkligheten 03. Host Stewart - Noordwal (Lil Lyfe) 04. Air Max '97 - Gousse 05. Guenter Råler - Fire Ritual 06. rkss & TOLE - Five Vibration Intensities And Five Vibration Rhythms Give Diverse Pleasures