Various - Decon/Recon #2

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  • Decon/Recon #2 is the work of four artists—Paula Temple, Rrose, Aïsha Devi and SØS Gunver Ryberg—collaborating on an unusual enterprise. Temple launched the Decon/Recon series nearly two years ago to release music without the scrutiny and egocentrism authorship can encourage. Each track on Decon/Recon #2 was produced using a pool of sounds drawn from every contributor. Regardless of who pulled these sounds into shape, or who supplied them, Temple, Rrose, Devi and Ryberg are given equal credit. On Decon/Recon #2, emotions seem to contradict each other. Underneath the weaponised bass drums of "DR2-4," the vocals are serene and hymn-like. For a record with so much raw power, "DR2-1," a widescreen techno track with gorgeous atmospheric swells, evokes a unique feeling of protection, like a shelter in a storm. These contradictions define Decon/Recon #2. Sewn in various ways, the contrasts enhance the EP's central theme. By fusing distinct yet complementary personalities so consistently, Decon/Recon #2 has an appealing unity.
  • Tracklist
      A1 DR2-1 A2 DR2-2 B1 DR2-3 B2 DR2-4