Mor Elian - Cymatic Ring

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  • Mor Elian hit her stride with last year's Drum Vortex, an EP that distilled the percussive attack of her DJ sets into streamlined drum tracks. She takes minimalism in a different direction on Cymatic Ring, the first release on the new Fever AM label she runs with Rhyw from Cassegrain. Cymatics refers to a phenomena where vibrations cause patterns to form in particles or liquids. That idea of subtle movements and the reactions they can cause is key to how Elian approaches Cymatic Ring. All four tracks keep melody in the background, with synths that whirr and vibrate behind the drums rather than take centre stage. The title track is tough techno with bright glints of melody between the beats, lending it more colour than the usual heads-down banger. The effect is even more powerful on "Sparkle Tube," where Elian lays down an electro beat and lets little bursts of melody spiral outwards. These subtle touches are often more memorable than what's going on around them.  "Paralysed Focus" shows another side to Elian's minimalism: this time, a piano drones endlessly behind another killer electro rhythm, sounding somewhere between Terry Riley and Bing & Ruth. Touches like this that make Elian's music feel eclectic even when it's completely functional. While not every track on Cymatic Ring is a home run—the tunnelling techno of "Capsuled Flow" is solid if not exciting—this is clever dance floor music that hides a wealth of ideas in a stripped-down approach.
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      A1 Cymatic Ring A2 Sparkle Tube B1 Paralysed Focus B2 Capsuled Flow