Mor Elian - Drum Vortex

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  • The latest 12-inch by Tel Aviv-born artist Mor Elian is more enticing than her debut, 323 To Plaza, which sometimes felt as routine as the bus ride its name suggested. A lean record of dry percussion and rich metal tones, Drum Vortex gestures towards use as a DJ tool and Elian's passion for percussive music. The A-side expresses the latter clearly: subtle low-end rubs and pointillist modulations line the title track's lean contours. They're so well sculpted that the minimalist remix from Markus Suckut feels inessential. Joey Anderson's take on "Drum Vortex" has less trouble disturbing Elian's clean surfaces. By introducing irradiated rave keys to the mix, Anderson seems to reimagine the original as a sort of toxic waste dump. The sour melody sits unnaturally on his production but it feels necessary. Elian's minimalist outlook extends to "Basma," which is leaner and faster than the others. Though an aerobic bassline does most of the running, it's amply supported by neatly arranged hi-hats and viscous chord effects. In "Drum Vortex" and "Basma," Elian has ruthlessly stripped her sound down to its essentials.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Drum Vortex A2 Drum Vortex (Joey Anderson Remix) B1 Drum Vortex (Markus Suckut Remix) B2 Basma