Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson - The Meredith EP

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  • To paraphrase the Discogs user samv912, Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson makes bonkers music. She emerged out of nowhere on Argot in 2013 with a record that included the piano-house marvel "John Kronk," which contained assured melodies and jacking rhythms. Merrick-Jefferson kept up the breakneck pace on her follow-up, Quetzalcoatl, but allowed more room for the sounds and groove to shift. The Meredith EP is a lateral move from Quetzalcoatl. Its tracks are also around 130 BPM and have buoyant melodies, but the ideas are more focussed. The theme of "Knowledge Revolution" is stupefying repetition rather than a gradual unravelling or surprise. "Three Happiness" adds and subtracts bleeps and strings over a jazz-techno motif. It's still erratic by most standards, but it's not much more than a bumping core. "Noctilucent Clouds" is beatless, but the shifty strings and arpeggios could still work in a club.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Three Happiness B1 Knowledge Revolution B2 Noctilucent Clouds