Dos Attack - Flue: The Remixes

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  • Soon after their split 12-inch with Legowelt, Madrid duo Dos Attack commissioned a pair of remixes for "Flue," that record's mellow, spacey groover. It's certainly the kind of track you could see a playful house producer like Kornél Kovács having fun with, but not so much the experimentally inclined Minor Science (AKA RA contributor Angus Finlayson). So it seems appropriate that Finlayson's version of "Flue" breaks it into tiny pieces and rebuilds it as a bass-bloated two-stepper. It's a surprising feat of resourcefulness that he transformed the low-key original into something so detailed, dubwise and deep. The Kovács remix is a little less sharp and imaginative, simply beefing up the tempo and drums underneath "Flue"'s synthy sparkle. Subtle trails of steel pan notes are snuck into the ambience, and the swelling strings are emphasized to little effect other than as textural window dressing. From the hardly touched bassline to the replicated hazy warmth, Kovács's version is essentially an uptempo edit, which could come in handy despite its lack of flair.
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      A1 Flue (Kornel Kovacs Remix) B1 Flue (Minor Science Remix)