Legowelt / Dos Attack - Alien Abduction / Flue

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  • Now in its third year, Madrid label Riverette maintains an open-ended music policy, with a modest catalog that touches on deep house, acid, tech house and beyond. It's the ideal outlet for a prolific producer like Legowelt, who has already given them two eclectic EPs. The Dutch producer returns to contribute a whimsical tune on this split 12-inch with Dos Attack, the new project of label owners Carlos and Andrés. Collectively, these artists deliver two casual house cuts that live up to Riverette's playful mindset and anything-goes standards. Though they approach bubbly, bass-loaded dance music from different angles, both tracks have a lot in common—namely, string samples, twinkling arps, moderate tempos and a light touch. Their differences keep the record interesting: Legowelt's "Alien Abduction" goes much heavier on the drums and low-end, while Dos Attack's "Flue" starts with an airy synth flutter that seamlessly transitions into a laid-back house groove. It's all a little cute and harmless, the kind of music unlikely to elicit hollers from a crowd so much as keep their feet shuffling. But within that zone Alien Abduction / Flue excels, filling the low-key space with plenty of color and character.
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      A Legowelt - Alien Abduction B Dos Attack - Flue