Daniel Avery - Movement EP

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  • Without wanting to dwell on the Andrew Weatherall thing, getting props from such a maestro is as good an indicator as you could need that Daniel Avery is a talent worth watching. Flexing his production prowess up to now on a wide range of projects from remixing Metronomy, The 2 Bears and Hercules & Love Affair to collaborating with Justin Robertson, Avery has also been enlisted for residential duties by fabric at the same time as running his own "unannounced headliner" night in London, Movement Club, alongside Matt Walsh. And now to the next landmark, a debut solo EP on New York's wide-ranging Throne of Blood. Reference points are many, but include slowed, nicotine stained nu-disco, deep dub culture and plenty of vintage synth delights. "Flash Light" is the first of the thoroughly analogue workouts and has a bubbling synth falling down onto a stoned broken beat from start to finish. A rising and falling arpeggiated one-note key phrase brings height and movement to something that's at once disco in colour yet grubby in finish. That duality continues in "Light Into Dark" where dark is the gurgling acid bassline, light are the pixelated melodic twinkles. The titular track is a puddle of reverberating bass notes and double claps brought to life with sonic pricks and twitches, as well as the first appearance of a human voice, and cries out to be played in some darkened, twisted back room. Putting his money where his mouth is, Lord Sabre turns up on remix duties and transforms "Movement" into a tranquilized, gritty-as-you-like biker disco jaunt.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Light Into Dark A2 Flashlights B1 Movement B2 Movement (Andrew Weatherall Remix)