DJ Druzz vs Omega Mus - Apeman EP

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  • Call it a disco choon: "Apeman" is a slow burner of mutated disco-bass, almost certainly worth every second of its near eight minute length when deployed on the floor. The latest off of New York's Throne of Blood, the Apeman EP is the first drop for DJ Druzz Vs. Omega Mus, AKA multi-instrumentalist (and it shows) Gabriel Andruzzi of The Rapture. The title track's swinging, catholic percussion, big room synth line and unfettered stomp are Funky-by-way-of-New York (that is, more cowbell, more scuzzy, less hi-def). The remixes are a full selection of Apeman dressed for different occasions. Bohemian Grove (a collaboration between Jokers of the Scene and Renaissance Man's Ville Haimala) delivers a ruded-up version, heightened with reverb and scuffed subbass, that is a little more step and a little less groove. The out-and-out heaviness subsides with the Monty Luke remix, a sheeny, dripping comedown with a Detroit vocabulary. As good as these remixes are, nothing can quite touch the Maurice Fulton-esque weirdness of the title track (I swear to God I heard a "ca-KAW" àla Mu at least once) and its updated vision of raucous, tribal house.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Apeman A2 Apeman (Bohemian Groove Remix) B1 Apeman (Monty Luke Remix) B2 More Fucking Apes