Geo Rip releases all-originals mixtape on The Trilogy Tapes

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  • The digital version is available in mixed and unmixed formats.
  • Geo Rip releases all-originals mixtape on The Trilogy Tapes image
  • Geo Rip have shared the digital version of their Trilogy Tapes mixtape. Their new release comes as a continuous mix of originals split into 30-minute sides, and nine other tracks that are extended or edited versions of tracks that appear on the mixtape. (There's also a bonus original called "No Way.") Geo Rip is the DC-based trio of John Calvin Jones, Aaron Leitko and Mike Petillo, the latter two of whom also make up the duo Protect-U. The group last appeared on Future Times' FIGS compilation, and you can read our review of their contribution here. Just yesterday, The Trilogy Tapes revealed their next vinyl release, an EP from Canadian producer Flørist. Listen to Geo Rip's mixtape.
    Tracklist 01. Side A 02. Side B 03. Tuff Budget 04. Tryin' 05. Huffy 06. Melt Job 07. Out Of View 08. Half Step Down (Live At Mercury Theater Edit) 09. Selective Pressure 10. Signs Out 11. Spotted 12. Packet (Live At Studio Gaga Edit) 13. No Way TTT Mixtape is out now via The Trilogy Tapes.