Geo Rip - BB

  • Psychedelic techno from Future Times' new compilation.
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  • Future Times is putting out its FIGS compilation one track at a time. On some labels, that could get tiresome, but the DC outfit is eclectic enough to make each day's release surprising. Take Geo Rip. The group (the core duo of Protect-U, Aaron Leitko and Mike Petillo, plus John Calvin Jones) isn't one of the best-known acts associated with Future Times, but theirs is the best tune so far. "BB" sounds like three people working at once: there are constant gurgles and burbles in the far sides of the stereo spectrum, while the main synth lead, which could've come from an old Cajmere track, gradually decays until the melody is turned on its head. "BB" completely unravels into a soundscape that babbles like a busy creek. This is techno as psychedelic force.
  • Tracklist
      01. BB