The Black Madonna drops out from Amazon's new music festival, Intersect

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  • "This issue is not just ideological for me, it is a moral and ethical transgression against my work, my faith and most importantly the people I stand with," she wrote in a statement today.
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  • The Black Madonna has removed herself from the lineup of Amazon's new music festival, Intersect. "I will not be performing at Intersect Festival due to their relationship with Amazon Web Services who have business ties with ICE and Homeland Security," the American producer wrote in a statement today. She goes on to explain that, "I was not approached employees of Amazon. I was never formally or informally advised of any Amazon branding. The offer I accepted did not propose any kind of brand partnership. I am profoundly disappointed that anyone, at any level, in the long chain of people between the offer I saw and the eventual promotion of this event presumed I would." "Many of you expressed your disappointment too and you were right to do so. I share it completely and amplify it," The Black Madonna said. "I am in total solidarity with the demonstrators, workers, other tech laborers and immigrants and all people of conscience in calling for and end to corporate digital collaboration with US Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department Of Homeland Security." This week, Amazon announced the full lineup to Intersect, presented by the company's cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS), which named several electronic acts such as SOPHIE, Jamie xx, Flying Lotus, Max Cooper and more, including The Black Madonna. Soon after the announcement, The Black Madonna expressed "shock" over Amazon's involvement, as she said it was on "none of the offers or paperwork." (At time of writing, none of the other booked artists appear to have publicly expressed similar concerns and claims.) Since The Black Madonna's initial reaction, Amazon Web Services has given a statement to Pitchfork disputing her claims: "Our affiliation of the Intersect Festival is clear in the contract that was signed by Black Madonna's management team." In a document provided to Resident Advisor, the festival says Intersect is a "collaboration between FORM and Production Club" and made no mention of Amazon or AWS. RA has reached out to representatives of the festival for comment. Read The Black Madonna's full statement.
    Photo credit: Aldo Paredes