Sherelle and Naina join forces on new label, Hooversound Recordings

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  • The Reprezent Radio residents and frequent collaborators are highlighting left-leaning genres between 140-170 BPM.
  • Sherelle and Naina join forces on new label, Hooversound Recordings image
  • Sherelle and Naina are launching a label called Hooversound Recordings. The London-based DJs and Reprezent Radio residents have been mainstays in the city's underground club scene since meeting in 2016. Some years later, the two have made waves with their careers. Sherelle's 160 BPM-heavy Boiler Room set went viral earlier this year, and 2018 saw Naina catapulted into the spotlight as Apple Music radio station Beats 1's newest recruit. According to Naina, the idea to launch an imprint arose following the duo's pivotal back-to-back opening for The Prodigy in 2017. "Doing that back-to-back made us realize we both had such an eclectic taste in dance music and a bag of unsigned artists who didn't have enough of a spotlight on them," she told Resident Advisor. "So we thought… well, we offer these artists a platform on our shows, we play them in our sets… why not release them on our own label?" Naina requested "anything unusual between 140-170 [BPM]" in the initial Twitter announcement. Similar to their own combined mixing styles, the DJs expect a variety of genres and BPMs to define the label. "So whether thats bass, footwork, jungle, garage… it's all represented." Naina elaborates, "Sherelle's taste has always been similar but leaning slightly more towards the 160/170 world. That combined meant we could become a label that represents DJs and presenters like ourselves that explore the heavier sounds of dance music… and the slightly lefter sounds within that." While releases to mint the label are still in the works, Naina expressed excitement about developing artists on the platform. "Having both been on the radio for so long, we directly work with emerging talent—we showcase their music, we get them on the show for guest mixes etc, we hear the music these producers are making—and it is incredible."