Moor Mother announces second LP, Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes

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  • The Philadelphia-based producer, artist, poet and activist returns after her collaborations with DJ Haram and Zonal.
  • Moor Mother announces second LP, Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes image
  • Don Giovanni has revealed the details of Moor Mother's second album, Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes, out on November 8th. Camae Ayewa's second album covers the themes of "myth, Black mothers, vodun, quantum futurism and post-colonial street narratives" over 13 tracks and continues the artist's use of samples with "negro spirituals flipped, remixed, and recaptured," according to the press release. Earlier this year, Moor Mother worked closely with duo The Bug and Justin Broadrick for the upcoming Zonal album. In 2018, the Philadelphia-based producer put out another collaborative release, Spa 700, as part of 700 Bliss with DJ Haram. Her debut album Fetish Bones preceded the joint project in 2016. She has since toured with the likes of Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nicole Mitchell and more. The next month sees Moor Mother's Issue Project Room debut, where she'll perform alongside the Montreal-Beirut audiovisual duo, Jerusalem In My Heart. Listen to "After Images."
    Tracklist 01. Repeater 02. Don't Die 03. After Images 04. Engineered Uncertainty 05. Master's Clock 06. Black Flight feat. Saul Williams 07. The Myth Hold Weight 08. Sonic Black Holes 09. LA92 10. Shadowgram 11. Private Silence feat. Reef The Lost Cauze 12. Cold Case 13. Passing Of Time Don Giovanni Records will release Analog Fluids Of Black Holes on November 8th, 2019.