Yamaha CS-80 synth voice comes to Eurorack

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  • Deckard's Voice is a slimmed-down version of the CS-80 clone Deckard's Dream.
  • Yamaha CS-80 synth voice comes to Eurorack image
  • A single-voice version of Deckard's Dream, a clone of Yamaha's CS-80 synthesiser, is coming to Eurorack. Announced in an Instagram post by manufacturer Black Corporation, the forthcoming Deckard's Voice module shares the same circuitry as the lager, rack-mounted Deckard's Dream, which caused a stir among synthesis and Bladerunner fans alike when first revealed back in 2017. Details regarding price and features are currently scant, but the front panel reveals voltage control over parameters including LFO speed and envelope level plus inputs for the filter and frequency modulation. Deckard's Voice will ship in the fall. Black Corporation's most recent synth was the KIJIMI, an eight-voice analogue design featuring polyphonic aftertouch and MPE support. Company founder Roman Filippov is known for creating accurate clones of vintage hardware, especially the Buchla Music Easel. He also runs Sputnik Modular, another Eurorack module manufacturer.