Laurel Halo mixes the next DJ-Kicks

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    Tue, 12 Feb 2019, 12:00
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  • It features new material from Rrose, Machine Woman and Ikonika, plus two tracks from Halo herself.
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  • Laurel Halo has mixed the 68th instalment of DJ-Kicks for !K7. Across 60-minutes, Halo has included music from Parris, Facta and Dario Zenker, plus a standout cut from her 2018 EP with Hodge. There will also be new material from the likes of Rrose, Machine Woman and FIT Siegel, and Halo has contributed two original tracks of her own. !K7 describes the mix as a "blistering ride through electro, trippy minimalism and textures that range from icy to dubby." Halo's last two solo records—a mini-LP for Latency and the RA-recommended Dust on Hyperdub—both bear the mark of a gifted experimental producer. Now she'll show off her skills in the DJ booth with an upcoming DJ-Kicks tour. Listen to "Sweetie," one of Halo's new tracks for the DJ-Kicks mix.
    Tracklist 01. Laurel Halo - Public Art 02. Stallone The Reducer - Always Hate 03. Red Axes - 5 Min feat. C.A.R. 04. Parris - Puro Rosaceaes 05. Rrose - Cricoid Pressure 06. Machine Woman - Just Made Some Jazz Music 07. WCC - Ana 08. FIT Siegel - Pennyrut 09. Yamaoka - Plastic PQ 10. Siete Catorce - Canto 11. Facta - Poliwhirl 12. Laurel Halo & Hodge - The Light Within You 13. Ikonika - Bodied 14. Griffit Vigo - A.C.I.D. (Electronic Gqom Mix) 15. Panda Lassow - Lachowa 16. Dario Zenker - Koraimer Bro 17. Final Cut - Temptation 18. Aos - Violent Light 19. Geoffrey Landers - Brian's Having a Party 20. Via Maris - Side Effects 21. Laurel Halo - Oneiroi 22. Nick León - Pelican Dub 23. Stefan Ringer - Lust 24. Kirk The Flirt - Loser 25. Laurel Halo - Sweetie (DJ-Kicks) 26. Blake Baxter - Funky World (Blake Baxter Remix) 27. Kiki Kudo - Freakey Keke 28. Group A - Ketabali 29. Whitefield Brothers - Ntu !K7 will release DJ-Kicks: Laurel Halo on March 22nd, 2019.