Rome venue Ex Dogana to close in January 2019

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  • The building will either remain a cultural space or be demolished and turned into a luxury student hostel.
  • Rome venue Ex Dogana to close in January 2019 image
  • Rome venue Ex Dogana will host its final party next month. Various nightlife-related issues—including noise complaints from nearby residents—mean the space will not host electronic music events beyond January. (The exact closing date is still TBA.) The building may still remain a cultural hub, however its future is currently in the hands of the local authorities, who are reviewing the application to renew the lease. The alternative is that the current building will be demolished to make way for a luxury hostel for students. "We asked citizens to imagine what the future of this particular space could be," Sergio Maria Ortolani, the building's manager, said. "The poll will arrive on all the tables, political and otherwise, that decide the future of this structure. Ex Dogana, as well as being a venue for entertainment, is also a factory of contemporary art—many important artists have passed through here. Not to mention our classical music concerts. We will not resign ourselves to the end of this extraordinary experience." Ex Dogana, formerly part of a railway depot, has welcomed the likes of Ancient Methods, PTU, Jeff Mills and Ellen Allien in recent months. Here are mock-ups and photos of the two options for Ex Dogana's future. "Caso A" is the luxury hostel and "Caso B" is the cultural space. Which would you prefer? Let the venue team know, via Facebook, here.