The rarest records on Discogs are getting more expensive, report says

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  • The online record marketplace has shared some data on high-end sales over the past eight years.
  • The rarest records on Discogs are getting more expensive, report says image
  • The most expensive records on Discogs have climbed in price since 2010, says a new report from the site. The report takes a conversational tack, addressing record collectors concerned about a growing bubble in the vinyl market. Discogs states that over the past year, five records have gone for over $10,000; most notably, a $27,500 Canadian copy of Prince's The Black Album. The report also includes data on the most expensive record sold on Discogs each month—a number that has skyrocketed since 2015, rising from $2000 to $12,000. However, the 30th most expensive record sold each month has experienced a slower, steadier climb from $300 to $1300. Discogs also notes that many sales of ultra-rare expensive vinyl occur on the private market, and that the site may not be driving up prices, but rather "helping ridiculously expensive vinyl become more mainstream." As far as electronic vinyl goes, a limited version of Röyksopp's Melody A.M. was the fourth most expensive record sold on Discogs in 2017, going for $8728. In the underground dance market, a record's price tends to become inflated when demand outstrips supply, e.g. when a new, limited release gains popularity. In October, Discogs launched a new site, Exclusives, which is intended to appeal to collectors by selling rare and hard-to-find records and tapes, including test pressings and special editions. Check out the full report.