De School heads to ://about blank with Ben UFO, Job Jobse

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  • Residents from the clubs will link up for party in Berlin next month.
  • De School heads to ://about blank with Ben UFO, Job Jobse image
  • De School and ://about blank will throw a party together in Berlin. Running from the afternoon of Saturday, August 11th to midday on August 12th, the event will assemble residents from both clubs, plus a headline slot from Ben UFO. Amsterdam favourites like Cinnaman, Job Jobse and Interstellar Funk will represent De School, while Resom, Hang Aoki and Diwa are among those representing ://about blank. Stellar Om Source will also perform live. About the collab, De School's Oceanic tells Resident Advisor: "I have had the absolute joy to play twice in ://about blank the last year, and every time I was met with incredible openness from the crowd and crew. ... I believe it's these elements of a tight crew, an open crowd and a building that allows everything to flourish that form a connection between blank and De School, which feels as if they're kindred spirits in the club landscape. ... Most of all I cant wait to take a shower again in the blank garden in August." The team from ://about blank is similarly excited. Booker Hang Aoki says, "I fell in love with De School immediately, it unites everything I like and has this special laid back mi case es su casa vibe." Resident Resom adds, "To finally know those two crews being united at ://home is something I wished to happen since I put my first step into De School two and half years ago. I couldn't be more grateful to have those two special places in my life." This is the second time De School has collaborated with an outside club under their School Generation project, following last year's visit to Institut Für Zukunft in Leipzig. Listen back to a podcast recorded at ://about blank for the club's Amplified Kitchen panel series.