Steve Hauschildt reveals first album for Ghostly International

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  • Listen to the lead single, "Saccade," featuring Julianna Barwick.
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  • Steve Hauschildt is releasing his first album for Ghostly International in August. Dissolvi is a reference to cupio dissolvi, which means "I wish to be dissolved" in Latin, according to the press release. Hauschildt's recording process in New York and his new home of Chicago also contributed to the album's feel. "Much of it was recorded in a windowless studio which removed elemental or seasonal references to Mme in the music," he said. The album's art was created by Kentucky artist and musician Robert Beatty, who also designed the cover for Oneohtrix Point Never's R Plus Seven. Dissolvi is out on August 3rd. Hauschildt's last full-length was 2016's Strands. Read our feature on the making of that album and our review of his performance in New York last year. Hauschildt's former band Emeralds dissolved in 2013. Listen to "Saccade" featuring Julianna Barwick.
    Tracklist 01. M Path 02. Phantox 03. Saccade feat. Julianna Barwick 04. Alienself 05. Aroid 06. Syncope feat. GABI 07. Lyngr 08. Dissolvi Ghostly International will release Dissolvi on August 3rd, 2018. Photo credit: Maria Tzeka