Kassem Mosse is DJ Residue on new EP

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  • 211 Circles Of Rushing Water is out June 25th via The Trilogy Tapes.
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  • Kassem Mosse is releasing a new EP called 211 Circles Of Rushing Water. Gunnar Wendel has adopted a new alias, DJ Residue, for the eight-track vinyl release, which is out on The Trilogy Tapes in June. Wendel told Resident Advisor that it "was recorded over the course of five days in summer in an apartment with no AC in New York with random instruments found inside the apartment (a moog radioshack synth & two zildjian cymbals)." It follows hot on the heels of today's Metasplice album announcement. Wendel's last release was a double pack on his own Ominira label. He's previously appeared on The Trilogy Tapes alongside regular sparring partner Mix Mup under the KM/MM moniker and with Beatrice Dillon as Dillon Wendel. He also had a live cassette that was co-released by Doldrums and The Trilogy Tapes back in 2010. More recently, he scored a dance performance in Leipzig called Slave To The Rhythm. Listen to "Combi Zooooc."
    Tracklist A1 Blackline A2 Hand-Crafted Among The Stars A3 Do U Have Suggestions A4 Triple-Arched Gateway B1 Meditation Fee B2 211 Circles Of Rushing Water B3 Combi Zooooc B4 Shallow Bowl The Trilogy Tapes will release 211 Circles Of Rushing Water on June 25th, 2018.