Kassem Mosse - Untitled

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  • It's been quite a recent run for Gunnar Wendel, AKA Kassem Mosse, releasing tracks on house staple labels such as Laid, Mikrodisko, Spectral Sound and Kinda Soul, but also venturing further afield into more unexpected territories with efforts on Meatlheadz, Doldrums and NonPlus+. Podcasts aplenty, touring and a huge remix from Omar-S have seen his popularity rise significantly over the past 12 months. Listening to this release for Will Bankhead's Trilogy Tapes label, it's easy to see why. Recorded live from his appearance at the Doldrums label night held earlier this year, the mix is 45 minutes (due to the restrictions of the cassette format) of raw house and techno. With no tracklist provided, it's a blind journey through analogue drums, weird melodies and WTF moments. And according to Fact Magazine, Side B is the same as Side A...except in reverse. Either way, Mosse's transitions from driving Detroit beats to blissful synths are mesmerising. From the dark and moody start, the mix progresses through several emotions, ending on higher tempo club material, only to drop back down into oddball territory; vocal samples of a man playing on an old game console while toms and snares fall all around him. Strange enough to be interesting, but still able to keep you dancing all night. It's what has made Mosse an important name for house and techno heads over the past few years. Look for that to continue into 2011.
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      A1 XX1 B1 1XX