Discogs marketplace surpasses 37 million total releases

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  • The number of records for sale on Discogs has nearly quadrupled in size over the last two years.
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  • Discogs' global marketplace now has more than 37 million physical music releases available. The for-sale section has experienced a nearly four-fold increase in volume since the popular user-built music database celebrated its 15th anniversary back in November 2015, when it was approaching 10 million total marketplace items. The first week of this month alone saw users make 130,000 orders—a record for the site. Currently, around 27.5 million vinyl releases are on sale, making up close to 75% of the marketplace's listings. Discogs announced earlier this year that it hit one million total labels and five million total artists in its database, and recently it revealed the results of a project with its sister site VinylHub plotting the locations of record stores around the world. Discogs has also launched marketplaces for movies, books, comics and posters.