London's Studio 338 explains delayed reopening

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  • "We all want to apologise for the false start," said the club, which has pushed back its return by one week.
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  • London's Studio 338 has published a statement following its decision to postpone its reopening date to November 4th. The club's planned return on October 27th has been pushed back by one week. "It was devastating to find out on Friday [October 27th] lunchtime that the fire alarm system would not be completed on time by our contractors," the club's music and events director, Dan Perrin, wrote on Facebook. "There was no way we would ever have opened without this as your safety is our number one priority." Perrin adds: "We totally understand that not being able to open was a huge disappointment and inconvenience for you all. Especially on a big weekend like Halloween." Read Perrin's full post, which includes information about refunds for last weekend's events, here. The Greenwich nightclub was devastated by a fire in August of 2016. It reopened its garden back in June. In addition to a new VOID Acoustics soundsystem and a rubberised dance floor ("for enhanced acoustics and added spring"), the venue says its terrace space has been rebuilt "almost entirely from airport-grade glass and steel columns." It has also installed "a world-first LED light installation, complete with video screen tentacles" called The Octopus.