Jeff Mills to produce recordings in Jules Verne's house

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  • The techno icon brings his Intuitions project to Amiens, France next week.
  • Jeff Mills to produce recordings in Jules Verne's house image
  • Jeff Mills will record live in Jules Verne's house, in Amiens, France, next Tuesday and Wednesday as part of his Intuitions project. The aim of Intuitions is to create electronic music inspired by the atmosphere of a place where a great artist did their work, with the result being a special release on Mills' Axis Records label next year. After a 2015 recording at Rembrandt House in Amsterdam—the art museum and one-time home to the 17th-century Dutch painter—and a recording last year at the Tokyo studio of the hugely influential manga artist Osamu Tezuka, next week Mills will settle into the office of Verne, the writer behind acclaimed science fiction novels like Journey To The Center Of The Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. While the recording sessions will be closed to the public, according to a local newspaper, Mills will perform a "cinemix" for Georges Méliès' 1902 silent film A Trip To The Moon at a local theater, Ciné St-Leu, next Wednesday night. That event will also feature a screening of a collaboration between Mills and Japan's Dairakudakan Dance Company that's based on his concept album Planets. Earlier this year in Paris, Mills was decorated as an Officer of France's Order of Arts and Letters. Photo credit: S.Crampon