Levon Vincent aims to 'ignite a new peace movement' on his second album, For Paris

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  • The DJ and producer says his next LP is inspired by an "epiphany" he had after making "horrible comments" in the wake of the 2015 Paris attacks.
  • Levon Vincent aims to 'ignite a new peace movement' on his second album, For Paris image
  • Levon Vincent has revealed details of his second album, For Paris, which is coming out digitally next week. Vincent says the album is inspired by the 2015 Paris attacks—and, specifically, his public response to those attacks, where he encouraged people to arm themselves in the fight against terrorism. "Due to the horrible comments I made in 2015, I had a lot of thinking and looking inward to do on the situation," he wrote on Facebook. He says the experience "inspired me to try to aim for something meaningful in an apology, but also to try to make something which could benefit everyone around the world." He adds: "I hope to ignite a new peace movement with my music and this message here... I learned a difficult lesson and I didn't take it lightly—I hope that is reflected in the music I am presenting to you." Vincent says the digital version of For Paris will be available next week, ahead of the release of an album by Eric Maltz on Vincent's Novel Sound label. The vinyl version will follow in December—it's made up of four records, which will be released separately. "And there will be some different music on the vinyl and homemade artwork," Vincent adds, "but continuing on this path of both apology and of presenting an alternative to my stupidity/naivety in my comments through sharing what I've personally learned." Read Vincent's full statement.
    Tracklist 01. Kissing 02. Baseball 03. Late Reflections 04. Hope For New Global Peace - In 3 Parts 05. If We Choose War 06. Slander Is Terrible 07. Only Good Things 08. If We Choose Peace 09. The Candlelight 10. Dancing with Machiavelli Novel Sound will release For Paris in late September 2017.