Midland mixes Fabriclive 94

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  • The 24-track selection comes out on September 22nd.
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  • Midland has mixed the 94th edition in the Fabriclive series. The UK-based artist recorded Fabriclive 94 in his studio using an E&S mixer, two CDJs and a reverb pedal. (It was also partly sequenced in Corsica Studios.) The 24-track mix includes music by Daphni (who's mixed Fabriclive 93), Roman Flügel, Beatrice Dillon, LFO and Shinichi Atobe, while Midland's own "First Tube" closes out the selection. "My relationship with fabric stretches back about 15 years," Midland explains. "My friend Joe and I were fixated with the CDs, the artwork, the mysterious tins containing music we didn't know yet. We used to design artwork for our own fabric CD. All the posters covered my walls and I'd spend all my time on the website reading about lineups, CDs and interviews." He adds: "When the time came for us to venture to the club for the first time it was a Friday and the lineup was Jacques Lu Cont in Room One, Hype, Grooverider in Room Two and DJ Spinbad in Room Three. Safe to say it changed my life for ever. I turned to my friend in Room One and told him I would play there one day." The launch party will take place at fabric on September 22nd, with Midland joined by Tama Sumo and DEBONAIR in Room One. Tickets are available here on RA.
    Tracklist 01. Georgia - Pey Woman 02. Even Tuell - Mental Marathon 03. Jaures - Silence (Before Birth) 04. Juju & Jordash - Monday Mellow 05. Daphni - Vulture 06. Tres Demented - Demented Drums 07. Leif - Shoulders Back 08. Roman Flügel - Warm And Dewy 09. Farah - Lockhead 10. Beatrice Dillon - Halfway 11. Samo DJ & Pedrodollar - Track #3 12. Mannequin Lung - City Lights (Mr Hazeltine Remix feat. Divine Styler) 13. Sugai Ken - Mukashi 14. LFO - Ultra Schall 15. Kowton - Pea Soup 16. General Ludd - Run Don't Play Dead 17. Ben Buitendijk - XXX 18. Santos Rodriguez - Road to Rio, B1 19. Slobban - Amour! (Sankt Goran's Stum Edit) 20. Convextion - Distant Transmission 21. Shinichi Atobe - Free Access Zone 2 22. Vito Ricci - Deep Felt Music 23. Jesper Dahlbäck & Mark O'Sullivan - When I Was Young 24. Midland - First Tube Fabric Records will release Fabriclive 94 on September 22nd, 2017.