Patricia announces third album, Several Shades Of The Same Color

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  • The New York-based producer's new triple LP comes via Spectral Sound and his own Active Cultures imprint.
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  • Patricia's new album, Several Shades Of The Same Color, is out on July 14th. Max Ravitz, known for atmospheric house releases on Opal Tapes and L.I.E.S., recently set up his own label, Active Cultures. The label will co-release the New York-based artist's latest full-length in collaboration with Ghostly subsidiary Spectral Sound, who put out Ravitz's Side Piece 12-inch in 2014. The press release for the 15-track album provides "tips for listeners." "Consider the moment in which you exist; pay attention to how these sounds evoke physiological (rather than cognitive) responses," it says. "Don't think; just hear." Terekke, who featured on Ravitz's collaborative LP for L.I.E.S., released last year, appears on the final track, "Upper Peninsula." Listen to "Speed Wagon Night Bride."
    Tracklist 01. I Know The Face, But Not The Name 02. Liminal States 03. Speed Wagon Night Bride 04. The Words Are Just Sounds 05. It Gets Worse At Night 06. Deku Tree 07. The Electric Eye Is Upon Me 08. Étant Donnés 09. Thoughts Of You 10. Shiba Inu Dub 11. You Never Listen 12. Feel Your Body 13. German Friendship 14. Alternate Mindset 15. Upper Peninsula feat. Terekke Active Cultures and Spectral Sound will release Several Shades Of The Same Color on July 14th, 2017.