Patricia - Side Piece

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  • Coming through Spectral Sound, Side Piece follows Patricia's fine debut, Body Issues, which came out on Opal Tapes last year. It features three dusty, lo-fi tracks from the Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based producer that are a little less melodic than the stuff on that record. "Drip Dawn" is all greyscale, with the sort of repeated chords and raspy percussion that should be familiar to Patricia fans, alongside what sounds like de-tuned vocal samples. In "Hulderhusan," mellow, barely-there chord progressions are matched with raw, frenetic drums. The claps and snare hits come in flurries, and the whole thing sounds like it's been smoothed over to the point of submersion. "Foie Gras" is the record's highlight, locking into an assertive but cozy groove with an elastic bassline and globs of acid. The "I-94 Lick" of "Drip Dawn," courtesy of label stalwart JTC (AKA Tadd Mullinix), completes the release. Upending the heads-down mood of the original, it's a cheerfully oddball cut, thanks to its swaggering drums and a shimmering, free-flowing melody.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Drip Dawn A2 Hulderhusan B1 Foie Gras B2 Drip Dawn (JTC’s I-94 Lick)