Troubled Lyon boat venue Razzle opens in Marseille

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  • It's found a new home after being blocked by Lyon's local authorities.
  • Troubled Lyon boat venue Razzle  opens in Marseille image
  • The shuttered Lyon boat venue Razzle will open in Marseille later this month. Razzle was originally meant to operate in Lyon, but it was blocked by local authorities earlier this year. It will remain in Marseille, where it will open on June 30th. Housed in a refurbished boat originally built in 1939, it has space for 320 people and is similar to Batofar and I-Boat, two other boat venues run by the Razzle team. In Marseille, Razzle will open Thursday through Saturday, with parties running from 11 PM through 5 AM. Organisers have planned a three-night opening event that begins on Friday, June 30th, where entry will be free. In addition to the club's main room, a 100-capacity open-air terrace will open some nights. DJs confirmed for the coming months include Low Jack, Simo Cell and Nicolas Lutz.