DJ Slugo reveals new album, Versatile

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  • The ghetto house mainstay will release his next LP on his own Subterranean Playhouse label.
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  • DJ Slugo has a new album on the way. Alongside the likes of DJ Deeon, DJ Clent and Parris Mitchell, Slugo—real name Thomas Kendricks—is an originator of the ghetto house genre, with releases on seminal imprints like Dance Mania and Databass Records stretching back over two decades. Nicolas Jaar released an EP from Kendricks, King Of Ghetto House, on Other People back in 2014, and now he'll put out a full-length on his own label Subterranean Playhouse. Listen to clips via Crosstalk.
    Tracklist 01. Versatile 02. In The Middle - Part 2 03. Make Some Noise 04. Take It To The A 05. Strings Of Life II 06. R&B Kelly 07. Frustration 08. Yeah 09. Jungle Juke Subterranean Playhouse will release Versatile on July 14th, 2017.