Compilation of unheard material from electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott on the way

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  • Three Willow Park: Electronic Music From Inner Space, 1961-1971 will be issued on Basta at the end of the month.
  • Compilation of unheard material from electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott on the way image
  • A compilation of unreleased Raymond Scott recordings, titled Three Willow Park: Electronic Music From Inner Space, 1961-1971, comes out at the end of the month on Basta. Scott, who died in 1994, was a US pianist, bandleader and composer responsible for frenetic, jazzy numbers like "Powerhouse," the iconic 1937 piece heard in numerous Looney Tunes animated shorts and other cartoons. But he's also regarded as an influential force within the world of early electronic and avant-garde music. He built and patented many of his own instruments, including some of the earliest synthesizers, like the Electronium and the Clavivox—the latter used a theramin module sourced from a young Robert Moog. Basta has given new life to many of Scott's electronic recordings, by way of a compilation, Manhattan Research Inc., and a reissue of his 1964 album project Soothing Sounds For Baby. Now the label is preparing Three Willow Park, named after a work and living space the artist set up in a Long Island, New York industrial complex. It features 61 tracks and more than two hours of music, with a focus on what Basta calls the "beat-oriented proto-techno" Scott made on the Electronium. Put together by Gert-Jan Blom and journalist Irwin Chusid, it'll be released on double-CD, triple-vinyl and digital formats with a 20-page booklet and 350-page PDF of "archival artifacts." Tracklist CD1 01. This Is A Sound / Alka-Seltzer Effects #7 02. Dorothea 03. Idea #35 04. Ohio Bell Mystery 05. Domino Sugar Demo 06. Auto-Lite Effects 07. Cyclic Bit #1 08. It's A Little Complicated 09. A Rhythm Ballet 10. The Sound Of Money Being Wasted 11. Pygmy War Dance 12. Cindy Alternate (Pop Rock) 13. Nice Sound #3 14. Carribea 15. Rhythm Sample #9 16. Ballet-Like Bits 17. Cyclic Bit #2 18. Portofino (Theme) 19. Rhythm Sample #2 20. 1st Class Electronium (Part 1) 21. Limbo Effects Reel 22. Mood Piece 23. Thermofax Effects 24. Ripples Effects #1 25. Electronium Movie Score 26. In A 21st Century Drawing Room 27. Nice Set-Up #7 28. Idea #36 29. Cyclic Bit #3 30. Sparrows (Part 1) 31. Ripples Fugue 32. Clavivox Demo Intro CD2 01. The Toy Trumpet (Demo #1) 02. IBM Probe #3 03. Portofino #3 04. Sparrows (Part 2) 05. Cindy Flair Look Rhythm 06. Super Cheer Instrumental 07. Auto-Lite Wheels Effects 08. Tone Stepper 09. Rhythm Sample #2 (Half-Speed Demo) 10. 1st Class Electronium (Part 2) 11. The Toy Trumpet (Demo #2) 12. Rhythm Sample #5 13. Ripples Effects #2 14. Effect #6 / Five-Five 15. Rhythm Sample #6 16. Cat Concerto (Alley Cats) 17. Toy Funk 18. Iceberg Bit 19. 2nd Class Electronium 20. 500 21. Bee Swing 22. Ibm Probe #4 23. Portofino #4 24. Night On A Calm Sea 25. Ohio Bell Rhythm Track 26. 1st Class Electronium (Part 3) 27. Baltimore Gas & Electric Test 28. Cindy Variations Pt. 1 29. Three Motown Electronium Adaptations (By Hoby Cook) Basta will release Three Willow Park: Electronic Music From Inner Space, 1961–1971 on June 30th, 2017.