L.I.E.S. lines up EPs from Randomer and Adam X

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    Mon, 27 Mar 2017, 16:00
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  • The latter is produced under his ADMX-71 moniker.
  • L.I.E.S. lines up EPs from Randomer and Adam X image
  • L.I.E.S. will soon release 12-inches from Randomer and Adam X. It's Randomer's first release of the year, following last year's collaborative EP with fellow UK producer Perc, Igneous. The same is true for New York techno veteran Adam X, who's appeared twice on L.I.E.S. under his ADMX-71 alias—first with a single in 2014, then with an album the following year. Both of their forthcoming releases are three-track EPs, and both are due out towards the end of next month. They'll follow up on recent albums on L.I.E.S. from Tzusing and Eric Copeland. Tracklist Randomer - Smokin 01. Smokin 02. Velvet 03. Rye ADMX-71 - Melted Fuel 01. Nuclear Hysterics 02. Dire Situation 03. Neutron Absorber L.I.E.S. will release Smokin and Melted Fuel on April 24th, 2017.