ADMX-71 - Redacted Files

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  • On Redacted Files, two generations of New York come head-to-head. In one corner we have Adam Mitchell, a '90s techno hero specializing in all things spacey and dark. In the other we have Ron Morelli, whose L.I.E.S. label has helped to transform the NY dance music landscape. Mitchell has chosen his ADMX-71 alias for this EP, but instead of working with the dark ambient textures of Second System, he provides his own take on the continued dialogue between industrial and techno. Unlike the barbed-wire beats of, say, Perc, Mitchell's hybrid goes down much smoother. "Disentangle," with its chunky swagger and wheezing hi-hats, is like his fluid techno slowed to a crawl. Distorted vocals and dulcet ringing give it a stark coldwave feel, but the production values are modern and present. "Strife Within" has an even fuller sound, rolling on thundering bass and roaring synth guitars like some massive armoured tank. On a different tip entirely, "Cryptic Language" swings back and forth in a pendulum arc, full of wet, jiggly sounds that add texture to the lumbering rhythm track. Patient but monstrous, Mitchell proves that you don't have to go for the jugular to sound heavy.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Disentangle Me B1 Strife Within B2 Cryptic Language